Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dirty Mouth?

I love gum! It’s like crack. It’s like morning coffee. It’s like a sweet explosion in your dirty mouth. The kicker though is that “party in your mouth” flavor leads to a whole recipe of chemicals. I’m not talking about gum base, or glycerol, or the calorie-free aspartame.

I’m referring to the devil – formaldehyde.

A recent article detailed out the wonderful recipe for a simple stick of refreshing gum:

SORBITOL: A sugar mixed with a little hydrogen atoms creates a compound found in most peaches, plums and fruit. I won't substitute gum for the fruit food group.

ASPARTAME: About 200 times stronger than sugar, which breaks down into mini toxins like methanol and then formaldehyde. Should we be worried? I would.

ACESULFANE K: The “K” is for potassium, like in bananas, but totally artificial and doesn’t metabolize – meaning you can pee it out.

SODIUM BICARBONATE: Yummy, white polish which is the unique selling proposition. It’s short for good ole baking soda.

MALITOL: A mild sweetener, great for diabetics (ha!), yet large doses causes bloating and diarrhea. Don’t take that dare challenge of 15 sticks of gum!

Source: Wired Magazine


hmfrank said...

I knew there was a reason I always went with real sugar.

I like the new look. Your posts are eye-opening and perhaps a bit frightening. They bring to mind one of my friend's favorite sayings, "Don't wait for the report, man."

Sustaino - said...

Thanks for the kudos! I agree don't wait for the report - act NOW!