Thursday, October 30, 2008

Did you text me?

The power of we is greater than the power of me. This is the motto of Nokia, whose attitude in the eco-business and more sustainable living is getting attention. Nokia recently launched “we:offset” - the world's first CO2 emissions offsetting tool for mobile phones. Working with Climate Care, the carbon offsets will help fund projects around the world that focus on renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions.

It starts from very simple things such as adding a reminder in all Nokia phones to unplug the charger from the wall socket once the battery is full. In fact, if all Nokia phone users remember to do this, the electricity saved would power 100,000 average-size European homes. Or reviewing the environmental catalogue that tells users how much material is used in a phone to even energy consumption and recycling.

The other cool thing that Nokia has going for them is their biopolymer phone coverings. Biopolymers are biodegradable plastics that breakdown into mini-pieces in the landfill. They are typically cellulose-based, meaning derived from starch, sugar or other proteins.
For Nokia, they have an Evolve product, which is basically the cover on the phone is that either reusable or biodegradable – fantastic!

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