Friday, September 12, 2008

Moving your house - just bike it!

I stumbled upon other blogs recently that have been posting about crazy stuff. Nuclear green material. Sustainable clothes. Eco-friendly drugs. But I really wanted to write about something more unique.

Then it hit me. I asked myself "Is this for real? Why? How? Are you crazy?" But after giving it a bit more thought...damn what a unique idea!

Bike Snob opened my mind to a whole other niche of people who are dedicated to moving via bikes. That's right! You need to move from east side apartment to west side bachelor pad? Just get your buddies together, get the community pedaling and all your "stuff" gets transported. There have been regular occurances in NYC, and I thought that was just a function of the crazy city life. But actually, Boulder and Ottawa are hotspots, too.

Saves you money. Saves the earth. Reduces your carbon footprint, and its a damn good workout.


Narm said...

I think this is dependent on your number of friends. 50 friends - easy move. 3 friends - pain in the arse.

Sustaino - said...

Burn calories. Not Oil.

Aviva said...

having lots of friends is clearly good for the environment