Thursday, August 21, 2008

Zero Carbon City - Abu Dhabi

Can you imagine a city without any cars? How about a city with a zero carbon effort? It's already underway and known as the Masdar Intiative (Fosters+Partners). It is a six million square meter community of zero waste, fields of wind farms, a photovoltaic power plant, a network of efficient public transportation, and most importantly shaded walking areas as it is blazing hot in the desert. Truly a self-sustaining city.

Source: Trendwatching, Fosters+Partners


Anonymous said...

In the US there is Greensburg, Kansas. The town was pretty much destroyed and is now rebuilding the green way. It's a pretty ambitious endeavor but its a good sign that whole communities are uniting in their efforts.

Sustaino - said...

The efforts taken to rebuild Greensburg, KS has been truly inspiring and appreciated. The USGBC, Planet Green and even Leonardo DiCaprio's momentum has transformed the city through an eco-makeover to a new place on the U.S. map.